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BioMarketplace is an e-commerce platform that is designed for just about everything BIO. The site serves credentialed professionals and organizations in the life sciences industries and helps connect industry organizations and professionals with the biologics and services they need, at competitive prices, and with more freedom, flexibility, and convenience than they otherwise would have with traditional sourcing methods.

BioMarketplace has launched its signature BIO Blood Exchange, and will soon expand its offerings to include a Lab Services marketplace and Professional Services marketplace, both currently in beta, with more to come. To learn more, visit our About page.

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Ride with Bio racing adventure giveaway celebrates official launch of next generation sourcing for the life sciences industry

Oklahoma City, Okla., June 3, 2016– It has been said that biotech will be to the 21st century what computer science was to the 20th. But to Oklahoma tech entrepreneur Max Doleh, the future isn’t just about advancing science; it’s also about advancing the way scientists and practitioners do business – which is precisely why he began BioMarketplace.com™.

Launch of BIO Blood Exchange changes sourcing landscape

Get in the game and make your own procurement calls with BioMarketplace.com

OKLAHOMA CITY, February 1, 2016 – The launch of BioMarketplace.com, the world’s first all-inclusive e-commerce platform for the life sciences industries, will take place Tuesday, Feb. 9, at 10 a.m., CST, and users will be able to take immediate advantage of the site’s signature BIO Blood Exchange. For those professionals not in the market for blood products, the site also boasts its Lab Services marketplace and Professional Services marketplace, which are running in closed beta and accepting new members and partners to help test the new marketplaces before they go live later in the year.

Life scicence and biotech insiders, meet 21st century sourcing.

BioMarketplace.com is the modern choice for biologics and service procurement.

OKLAHOMA CITY, August 10, 2015 – BioMarketplace.com, the world’s first all-inclusive e-commerce platform for the life science and biotech industries, has launched. Designed to be a one-stop shop for all things bio, the site is expected to change the way these industries source biologics, as well as lab and professional services.

Quick Facts

BIO Marketplace

We promote direct communication and relationship building among brands and their clients, for a better sourcing experience.

BIO Marketplace

BioMarketplace is growing quickly and our current lineup of marketplaces will soon expand to include continuing education courses.

BIO Marketplace

We are modernizing sourcing and lifting the veil of the shrouded middle man, bringing transparency and options to life science sourcing.

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If you absolutely must use it, our legal name is BioMarketplace.com, of which BioMarketplace(TM) and BioMarketplace.com(TM) are trademarks. We prefer just "BioMarketplace" whenever possible, because we're not pretentious, we're just people helping other people advance life science.

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