Introducing BioMarketplace

Your one-stop shop for just about everything BIO.

Created for researchers, healthcare providers, labs, firms and others in the life sciences industry, offers a fresh way to obtain the biological products and services you need. Through, online purchasing is secure, easy, and much more convenient than traditional purchasing avenues. With features like comparison shopping, price bidding, and direct messaging between members and partners, you're sure to find exactly what you need, at a price you can live with.

Our Story

Known for our commitment to helping the blood banking and biotech industries improve their processes and productivity with agile software solutions, the Sigma Blood Systems team set out to go beyond the traditional broker model and to offer a new way for life science researchers, providers and organizations to do business. Pulling from our team's own personal shopping experiences, wish lists of online shopping features, and countless hours of market research, we have designed to serve you in a way that fits the rhythm of today's digital world.

Our goal is simple. We want to provide you with access to better information, and a faster, easier way to obtain the biologics, services, and partners you want and need, so you can focus on your mission and worry less about the rest.

BIO Marketplace Headquartered in the heart of Oklahoma City.


adore efficiency. relish a challenge. are determined.

Our Team

We are the BioMarketplace team and we call Oklahoma City, OK home. Each day, we come together to tackle complex problems that many other companies and teams wouldn't dare take on. We tackle these problems like polar bears tackle food shortage, by finding creative solutions to the problem. (In case you're wondering, polar bears now understand refrigeration and other culinary wonders. Learn more here.)

Although we have grown exponentially, we are a close knit group of geeks and humble rock stars who use our knack for building technology to help change the world. If this speaks to you and you are interested in joining our team, check out our openings and
drop us a line. You just might be our next rock star!

Taking Flight

Launched in 2009, Sigma Blood Systems quickly rose to the forefront of the health related software market as the first company in the world to build an automated method for blood product quality control. The company has been recognized by the FDA, and its software handles 35% of blood production in the U.S.

And, although began as the brainchild of our Sigma Blood Systems team, it quickly took on a life of its own. Now that it is able, Sigma has released the "bear of a project,", to fly solo.

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We Are Growing

We are beginning our marketplace openings with - you guessed it - blood! The BIO Blood Exchange allows qualified members to quickly, easily, and conveniently shop for blood supplies, from the readily available, to the rare and hard to find.

But that's not all! BioMarketplace also will begin to introduce additional marketplaces in the near future, making shopping easier, faster, and more cost effective in other areas of biotech, as well. For more information on marketplace openings, click on Explore Our Marketplaces, below.